Class Moore3DNeighborhood

  extended byuchicago.src.sim.topology.space.AbstractNeighborhood
      extended byuchicago.src.sim.topology.space.d3.Moore3DNeighborhood
All Implemented Interfaces:
Neighborhood, RelationTopology

public class Moore3DNeighborhood
extends AbstractNeighborhood
implements Neighborhood

Field Summary
protected  org.apache.commons.logging.Log log
protected  Object3DSpace space
Fields inherited from class uchicago.src.sim.topology.space.AbstractNeighborhood
comparator, modCount
Constructor Summary
Moore3DNeighborhood(Object3DSpace space)
Moore3DNeighborhood(java.lang.String type, Object3DSpace space)
Method Summary
 double distance(java.lang.Object element1, java.lang.Object element2)
          Gets the distance between two objects in this topology.
 LocationIterator emptyLocationsIterator(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
 int getAgentCount(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
 int getNeighborhoodSize(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
          This method actually uses the following calculation to determine the number of cells included in a neighborhood
protected  Space getSpace()
 boolean isFull(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
 LocationIterator locationsIterator(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
 NeighborIterator neighborIterator(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
 LocationIterator occupiedLocationsIterator(Location location, int extent, boolean includeOrigin)
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compareMax, compareMin, emptyLocations, findMaximum, findMinimum, getRelations, getRelationType, locations, neighbors, occupiedLocations, setComparator, setRelationType
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
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emptyLocations, findMaximum, findMinimum, locations, neighbors, occupiedLocations

Field Detail


protected Object3DSpace space


protected org.apache.commons.logging.Log log
Constructor Detail


public Moore3DNeighborhood(java.lang.String type,
                           Object3DSpace space)


public Moore3DNeighborhood(Object3DSpace space)
Method Detail


protected Space getSpace()
Specified by:
getSpace in class AbstractNeighborhood


public double distance(java.lang.Object element1,
                       java.lang.Object element2)
Description copied from interface: RelationTopology
Gets the distance between two objects in this topology. This could be either spatial distance, network distance or any other kind of well defined metric distance.

Specified by:
distance in interface RelationTopology
element1 -
element2 -


public int getNeighborhoodSize(Location location,
                               int extent,
                               boolean includeOrigin)
This method actually uses the following calculation to determine the number of cells included in a neighborhood. (2n + 1)^2 RePast calculates neighs using 1 as the first set (not including the origin cell. I deal with this by adding one to the extent to calabrate it with RePast and subtracting 1 from final calculation to exclude the center cell.

Specified by:
getNeighborhoodSize in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
getNeighborhoodSize in class AbstractNeighborhood
extent -
the number of cells in the neghborhood
See Also:
uchicago.src.sim.topology.space.neighborhood.Neighborhood#getNeighborhoodSize(int, int)


public boolean isFull(Location location,
                      int extent,
                      boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
isFull in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
isFull in class AbstractNeighborhood


public int getAgentCount(Location location,
                         int extent,
                         boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
getAgentCount in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
getAgentCount in class AbstractNeighborhood


public NeighborIterator neighborIterator(Location location,
                                         int extent,
                                         boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
neighborIterator in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
neighborIterator in class AbstractNeighborhood


public LocationIterator locationsIterator(Location location,
                                          int extent,
                                          boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
locationsIterator in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
locationsIterator in class AbstractNeighborhood


public LocationIterator emptyLocationsIterator(Location location,
                                               int extent,
                                               boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
emptyLocationsIterator in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
emptyLocationsIterator in class AbstractNeighborhood


public LocationIterator occupiedLocationsIterator(Location location,
                                                  int extent,
                                                  boolean includeOrigin)
Specified by:
occupiedLocationsIterator in interface Neighborhood
Specified by:
occupiedLocationsIterator in class AbstractNeighborhood